Not Just Realtors

Just like in sports, our competitive drive is unmatched. It doesn’t matter what street or what market we’re in. Our marketing system is like no other. We’ve flipped the script on real estate marketing. Where most agents spend 90% marketing themselves and 10% marketing your home we spend 90% marketing your home.

We don’t need to be on every billboard in town to get you top dollar for your house. We focus on maximum exposure. At Mac Inc we’re proud to say our videos get more views than any other agent in the region. Our dedicated marketing system is targeted to local, GTA and buyers all around the world. We’ve sold homes to people from all over Canada and the world.

We would have never bought here if it wasn’t for Evan and Jessie’s marketing. We were so intrigued we just had to come take a look

Mark and Steve, buyers from Europe

The Mac Inc difference

  • We are your dedicated sales team. That’s why we believe it’s absolutely essential that we personally attend every showing to properly display your home and to be there to sell the lifestyle it provides.
  • The highest level of professional photography and videography

  • The most views on social media, YouTube, and
  • Specific targeted marketing in the GTA and surrounding areas

  • Paid international marketing campaign


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